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“The New Banana

(“It's the right thing to do.”-G.W.Bush)

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Someone once said, "Experience as the Teacher is like using a Bottle to Drive a Nail". Actually, I heard that about 2 weeks ago and it was me that said it.

I say lot's of stuff. Sometimes I even order carryout.

But like the delivery-boy that brings that order from the Chinese restaurant, America was looking right at me, nodding, grinning agreeably to everything I said, and only then, during an abnormal pause, mentioning that they have no idea what I'm saying. I swear most of these guys don't even speak Chinese.

You can explain something to your dog and get a more puzzled look than you will from a human that doesn't speak English. At least the dog furrows his brow and cocks his head. The delivery guy just gives you the wrong change.

George W. Bush is something like this, at least in the short-changing department.

Also I've noticed that George W. Bush if asked a direct question will respond to a completely different question that was never asked, simply echoing whatever his Republican cohorts told him to say.

“George, Did you bring soy sauce?” He replies, “Ten dollars ninety cents thank you”.

RANT Journalist: “President Bush isn't it true that in just the first 100 days you've been in office, you've broken every campaign promise you've made, and are taking every opportunity to increase corporate profits at any expense to the American Middle Class people and with no regard for the future of America or even the Environment?”

Bush: “Every American deserves a tax cut, the rich will get a bigger tax cut sure, but that's because they have more influence than the average voter, it's the right thing to do.”

Then he runs into the kitchen and stir fries a cat. Old habits die hard.

Three years ago it was here in the pages of RANT Magazine that you were warned about what the Republican party would bring to the table in a work entitled, “IMPEACH CONGRESS”.

In November 2000, you were again slapped around (in a loving wake-up call sort of way of course) in our piece entitled, “HIDING IN THE BUSH'S”. This work, like it's political predecessor, was an objective and logical prediction of your coming years, America.

If you're a regular here at RANT you've noticed we've been right before... it's a curse.

A few of you wrote to RANT accusing us of being “Liberals”, as if this was the opposite of “Republicans”. Or as if to be a Democrat is by it's very definition, to be a Liberal. Its not of course, that's just spin-doctoring used by the advertising councel of the Republican party that apparently some of America has bought into.

RANT Magazine isn't Democratic, Republican, or even Liberal for that matter, but often, the truth can't get a word in edgewise because the ignorant won't shut-up long enough. A strategy perfected by placing their hands over their ears and yelling “La, La, La, La, La, I can't hear you!” George W. was famous for this when drunk driving since he didn't need his hands on the wheel.

The Democratic party itself isn't even full of Liberals (hence the creation of the Green party). The Democratic party is composed of Working Middle-class Americans, generally those that make under $230,000.00 per year.

Sure, if you're an informed “Liberal” you're also not going to vote Republican, but it doesn't follow that “therefore the Democrats are Liberal” any more than it follows that all Republicans are complete selfish greed-driven sell-outs of the public good in the name of making higher profits no matter what the cost to their very own country.

Perhaps that's a bad example.

It surprises me how many people don't give thought beyond the psychological advertising and Limbaugh rhetoric. Perhaps these citizens don't realize this is the case because they're “not into” politics and no one ever made the following straight-forward plain and simple statement of fact to them.

Well here it is, not that it's going to help you now:

The Republican Party stands for extreme Corporate profits above ALL else...

Above quality of living especially.

Your quality of living if you're part of Middle America.

So expect your cost of living to increase. Expect Privatization of Energy and Utility companies to enhance and make corruption commonplace. Expect elevated pollution of your land, your air, your education, your freedom to choose...sorry, but that's the Republican way. Sure you'll suffer, that's just the cost of doing business with the Fat Cats...they saw you coming a mile away. The Republicans were prepared, you...Americans, were not.

[Editors note: This piece was originally slated for release in September but was bumped after the WTC disaster. The reason we point this out is because it was written Before the news of ENRON]


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