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GOP, Keep Your
Off of Our Medicare!

Do Romney and the rest of these malignant, pompous, lying, filthy, corrupt, greed-driven, republican Antichrists, think the
American People are STUPID?
They do!

Excitedly proclaims, Al Sharpton's finger pointing at the camera...I might have embellished his exact quote slightly, but his intent is there.

Turns Out, Mitt Romney Is
A Terrible Debater
(A Non-Liberal Speaks-Up & Addresses Reality)

– by David A., Esq.
- First Ver.: 10.04.2012 Updated: 10.19.2012, 8:46am EST.

Everyone in the media today has ruled that Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate, but he didn't.

Romney didn't even PARTICIPATE in the debate.

There was no debate even possible because Romney took Obama's positions! Obama and I, both, were dumb-founded deer in the headlights!

Right out of the gate, Mitt Romney simply lied about absolutely everything he would do if elected president. That's not an exaggeration. It's also not a debate win. What it is, is disgraceful.

Why, is this acceptable behavior in America, of ALL places? Today's corruption-saturated republican party is an absolute embarrassment, not just to our country, but to modern civilization as a whole.

Fact Is, Romney Lies

Barack Obama is an absolutely amazing person and President. This President is a literal Super Hero.

With nothing but active obstructionism from the entire republican party, and barely any help from the spineless democrats, since day one, Barack Obama has managed to accomplish the impossible.

Personally, I'm honored and thrilled that Obama is even willing to accept another term busting his balls to improve the middle class quality of life.

The republicans have shown their true, anti-American colors. I'm not a Liberal, but that doesn't mean I'll go along with the anti-middle class republican party. I'm a true Independent, which today, and for the foreseeable future, means I'll be voting strictly for Democrats.

I'm not going to restrict myself to the lying, thieving, manipulative, corrupt, organizations that have saturated the republican party. I refuse to cut off my nose to spite my face just because I'm not a liberal. What we call the Liberal's today, happen to be a lot closer to the people I associate with, the middle class.

I can't relate to a political group that has to constantly manipulate their audience, cheat and lie, and in big ways. Today's republicans think that as long as they win elections, that's all that counts, it's not.

I don't WANT anti-middle-class leaders in office, and that is the very definition of today's republican.


HELLO?  Want to Solve ALL
the problems with the Budget-Deficit, Social Security, Medicare?

Do Nothing.

Doing nothing will allow the Bush tax discount given to the rich expire, like it was supposed to expire, and when it was supposed to expire thereby slightly raising the Federal tax rate on the wealthy. Read More...


Yes, that's it.

NOW what do we talk about?

What?  You want more?

Okay.  Extend the Bush tax cut for those people making under $300,000 per year.


That's it!  That solves everything.

What?  It DOES!

Not only that, but it's victimless.  No voting, no arguments about "raising" taxes because you're not raising anyone's taxes.  The Bush tax cut to the rich was a temporary discount because Bush wanted to pay back all his cohorts friends, but that's done. They got more than paid back, they made billions.

That's more than enough.  There's no reason not to do this.

Now we go back to normal, except of course, the nation is able to afford to give a tax discount to those earning under $300k as mentioned above, while still managing to pay off the debt Bush left us.

Okay?  We're paying off the national debt, Medicare can remain intact now, and Social Security is fine now as well.



There isn't any argument about this.  

You're not reading my "opinion".  This is the reality. There is no debate on either side of "the isle" about this budget plan working, it works.  The math has already been done. No one disputes this works exactly as I've laid out for you.

So Then, What's the Problem? 

The problem is, unbeknownst to the majority of the middle class of the United States, the wealthy are at war with them.

For whatever reason, with the exception of well-intentioned individuals like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and a few others, the wealthy actually desire the rest of the population to be struggling.  I don't know why this exists but once you're aware that it actually does exist, you'll see evidence in virtually all Republican policies to support this ethos.

Don't think so?  Well, I wish you were right. Unfortunately, you're just oblivious if you can't see what's going on by this point. (I never was known for good bedside manner)

It's hard for middle class Americans to grasp this concept because they are just so far outside of the universe of the super rich.

Another concept the middle class can't grasp is that the United States isn't the only, or even the most desirable, place to live today.  The super rich have an abundance of options that simply didn't exist in the past. They don't require America today, so they're averse to contribute.

You can go about your business now.  In fact, go create some jobs or something.

You still here?

Do you know how much the RICH USED to pay in taxes?

1940: 81% was the top tax rate.
1942: 88%
1944: 94%
1946: 86%
1951 - 1963: 91%
1964 - 1981: 70 - 77%
1982 -1986: 50%
1987: 38%
1988 - 1990: 28%
1993 - 2002: 39%
2003 - 2010: 35% (Bush said this 4% discount would be temporary and expire in 2011) Read More...

The Republicans in Congress have steadfastly held their ground and refused to cooperate or compromise with Obama and the Democrats on absolutely everything for the past three years.

Though the Democrats were in the majority, the Republicans utilized the "Filibuster" to block every vote.

For 3 years!

Republicans have justified this by stating that they insist on extending Bush's temporary 4% tax cut on income over $250,000.

But there's a little more.

As usual, the Republicans controlled the press inquiries by cleverly giving us something else to talk about.

They do this a lot.

The part the Republicans don't want us talking about is the Capital Gains Tax Rate.

See, this makes the actual tax rate on the rich fifteen percent (15%).

This is what all the ruckus is about.

This is why the Republicans refuse to allow any bills to pass. This is why the Republicans refuse to extend unemployment benefits even though the unemployment rate is 10% [Beyond the Peripheral Vision™ perspective: There are currently 10 people applying for every 1 job. Remember, these numbers are NOT the NON-workers without jobs like the homeless guy asking for your change, these are middle class people that had jobs and paid into the system until recently. These numbers are YOU.]

The Republicans are destroying, what is for many Americans, their last chance stopgap before welfare.

ALL for a 4% tax cut on income over $250,000.

This, and hundreds of policies and behaviors like this, is exactly why RANT® classifies Republicans as Parasites and the Republican Party as Anti-America. Inform yourself, inform your friends and neighbors, if they're voting for, or supporting Republicans; this should concern you. They are either ill-informed or stupid. (Sorry, but you didn't come to RANT.com for politically correct, polite, pussy-footing did you?)

The Republican Party of today has become *SO* evil, even some of the wealthy, (the ONLY group that benefits from Republican policies) are refusing to go along with them.

Warren Buffet and a handful of other honorable American multi-billionaires have taken public stands against the Republican Party destroying America and the Republican-planned destruction of the middle class.

You probably didn't know this, which is why RANT always suggests these gentlemen produce some television ads (or give us the budget and RANT will be happy to produce these educational “public service announcements”). Television is still the communication venue for the American masses.

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Turns Out, Apple's Products Are
– by Bill Mahoney

Your new phone can't fit the old charger? This is your hero?”–Bill Burr on Steve Jobs.

A corporate study finds that “NEW” features to Apple's iPad OS released this month are Old, taken-for-granted and in fact, EXPECTED features on standard everyday Windows PC's and Tablets.

The report which details technology literacy amongst the American public continues;
Apple's iPad Tablet, and even the newest generation iPhone user's, are SO far behind the curve and so uninformed about current technology that they falsely believe their brand new Apple product is cutting-edge when, in fact, the product's sluggish performance and very limited, poorly conceived feature-set do not even live up to the standards expected from the computer stone age 1980's.

Except for Apple's product lines, many features, such as cut & paste, were commonplace and expected even in first-generation bare-bones operating systems.

For example, with the new iPad OS upgrade, iPad owners can FINALLY search for text within a web page, something Windows PC users could do since the introduction of Microsoft's Windows in 1994; that's 18 years ago. Click to Expand and Read More...

Yes, you read that right. If you're a PC user you're shaking your head and have probably just said aloud, "What? Apple iPad and Mac users can't search a web page for a word? Are you kidding?"

Both Apple and PC users are completely unaware of the limitations of a Mac or iPad or iPhone because PC users just assume that the features they consider basic bare minimums are, of course, also present in Apple's computer products.

They're not.

Loyal Apple users have no idea the functionality is missing from their Apple product because they will only buy or touch Apple products.

PC users have no idea of all the missing functionality of Apple computers because they don't use Macs. But, they always give the benefit of the doubt, assuming that Macs have at least the same functionality as PC's.

They don't.

While many a Mac user will go to the trouble to install special hardware & software so that they can emulate a PC and run Windows programs on their Mac, the opposite is not true in the PC world.

No one takes a perfectly good PC and modifies it to be Mac-like. For one thing, removing USB ports, slowing down the microprocessor and RAM, and making most printers and monitors "simply not work" are not easy tasks. Not to mention turning off multi-tasking, installing an uncomfortable keyboard; And just how do you modify a machine to run as hot as a Mac?

How do you modify a Mac computer to cook an egg on the surface of the cabinet? That's a trick question, you don't have to modify it.


Former House Speaker Republican Senator, Tom DeLay, infamous for his outwardly gay performances on “Dancing With The Read More...

Stars,” while at the same time defending “Don’t Dance, Don’t Touch” or “Don’t Touch, Don’t Ask” or “Don’t Tell, OR the monster under your bed will pull your legs off like a spider”, was found guilty Wednesday of 2 separate counts of “Money Laundering” and “Conspiracy to commit money laundering in a scheme to illegally funnel corporate money” so that “the Good Ol’ Republican boys would be in his pocket”, (that last one was MY quote).

What’s The Big Deal?

The money allowed Republicans to take control of the Texas House. That enabled the GOP majority to push through a DeLay-engineered congressional redistricting plan that sent even more Republicans to Congress in 2004 – and strengthened DeLay's political power.

DeLay’s immediate misstatement to the Press?
“a miscarriage of justice [because, after all] the criminalization (sic) of politics undermines our entire system.”

I'm sorry, his reason for screwing us is what again?

Before becoming Majority Leader of the House, DeLay was a full-time insect and rodent exterminator. Yes, this really was his previous job, his life, and he was good at it.. Yes, “like the guy with the big bug on top of his van in “King Of The Hill”, but more like the one that infestedExterminator the body of the wife-beating exterminator in the beginning of “Men In Black”

Tom Delay was "known by his friends as 'Hot Tub Tommy' for his partyin' ways with loose women and booze". Only after seeking national office did he suddenly, and publicly, find Jesus.

Surprised by any of this? John Boehner, the new Republican Speaker of the House was a janitor for over 7 years before entering politics.

The Republican Party is just chock-full of stupid people; still, they're smarter than the people voting for them.

Just For the Hell of It, This is What A Real News Show Looks Like

I READ & RECORD MULTIPLE NEWS SOURCES every day, watch later, skipping commercials and the non-news segments. It's one way I stay informed enough to voice competent, definitive, analysis for you in RANT.

After viewing the popular commercial TV news shows, which strive for controversy or gossip, it's always a real pleasure to put on PBS or the BBC and be reminded of what a real news show looks like. Unlike the past, where news programming was provided as more of a public service than a money maker, today's commercially controlled newstainment is ratings based and corporate sponsor controlled.

Take a few minutes and look at how much differently PBS analyzes why there are so few prosecutions regarding the Savings & Loan housing crisis.

The arguments are SO intelligent, you'll find yourself changing your opinions throughout the 13 minutes!


Are Today's Kid's Spoiled?

– by Bill Mahoney, Esq.
- First Ver.: 11.12.2012 Updated: 11.12.2012, 11:33am EST.

A friend of mine had to get off the phone and run to the grocery store because she was out of ketchup.

Her little boy wouldn't eat his eggs without ketchup. Now, put aside the argument about ketchup on eggs. I know, I know, but I'm not talking about that. For all I care, the kid can demand the hen that laid the eggs be present when he eats the eggs.

I'm talking about the child getting to have demands at all! When I was a kid, *MY* mother wasn't like this! You either ate those eggs or you sat at the table until you ate those, now COLD, eggs.

I had no hostages. Nothing to threaten, should my demands not be met so I'm having trouble understanding how this works.

If I didn't have a freakin' DOG, I'd *STILL* be sitting at that dinner table today!

Then, I'd feel guilty and confess it later and ruin both the dog's, AND my day. I had to, he was a dachshund, they only hold so much.  And, they don't stop eating; they barf! And *THEN* you're really in trouble!

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A Christian Shout–Out:
Don't Allow Today's
Fake Republican's Call
You A Liberal Just Because You Voted for Obama!

– by Bill Mahoney, Esq.
- First Ver.: 11.06.2012 Updated: 11.12.2012, 11:08am EST.

There is no Republican party in 2012. There hasn't been one for years. If you're a real republican, you're well aware of this already and you're one of the intelligent people I'm addressing.

You can see for yourself, regardless of the partisan commercial labeling, Obama has strengthened gun owner's rights, despite what the NRA tells us; even passing a NEW law allowing me to take my legally registered, firearm into National Parks without any intention of hunting. This makes me and my family feel safe camping out with the children, because it's actually more dangerous in the isolated wilderness than in the city. Obama recognizes that there is no reason not to allow responsible gun owners the same rights in the wild, as in the city.

Obama brought back some regulation to Wall Street, not enough, in my opinion after the damage they caused. To listen to Rush, you'd think he added new regulations; he did not. Obama didn't even bring back all the regulations there were previously! After witnessing my 401k get destroyed because regulations were lifted, I wish Rush were telling the truth. I wish Obama, or someone, would regulate the heck out of Wall Street, I'd like to retire some day!

Speaking of my retirement, these Fake Republicans of today want to do away with Medicare! Apparently, upper middle class isn't enough anymore, you have to be very wealthy today in order to be a republican. Otherwise, you're just crazy for voting for these Fake Republicans.

Today's Fake Republican Party makes one thing clear; they think Conservatives are extremely stupid.

Healthcare Reform was a republican idea but now they call it Obama-care and they're against it? Sorry boys, I'm still for it. You want us, the non-wealthy, but still upper middle class, conservatives to cut off our noses to spite our faces? Obama passed regulation that greatly reduced my small business's heath insurance costs by insisting that premiums reflect actual costs of healthcare! Not only was that accomplished without republican support, it was accomplished despite republican filibustering. Obama's democrats are what the republicans are SUPPOSED to be, but aren't!

Who ARE these people? They're not republicans, they're not even conservatives! Do you ONLY represent the wealthy class now?

So, Yes! As a person that believes in republican and conservative values, I'll be voting for Obama!

Same thing goes for the House and Senate. Several democrats got my vote simply so that Obama will be able to do his thing, which happens to represent and benefit me, the white conservative upper middle class!

America Forgot, Government is
Not Supposed to be a Profit-Making Venture, Our Government's Mission
is Supposed to be
Improving Our Quality Of Life!
– by David A., Esq.

That's the article that was supposed to be here but got shelved after...

Romney Lies His Ass Off
Throughout Entire Debate

– by David A., Esq.
- First Ver.: 10.03.2012 Updated: 10.04.2012, 12:06am EST.

Well, we're watching the first debate and writing this live, which is probably a big mistake :)

Just when you thought the Republicans were going to get the floor mopped with them, those clever little devils came out with a "sort of" new plan; Lie their asses off.

Here's a quick excerpt demonstrating what I mean, this was talked about after the debate by the commentators: "We've been asking for months, 'How is Mitt Romney going to explain that his 5-trillion dollar tax cut for the rich, is going to be paid for by eliminating the deduction the middle class takes for their mortgage payments on their homes!' Who among us anticipated that Mitt Romney's answer would be, 'I will not do a 5-trillion dollar tax cut.' It was stunning, he simply outright lied about his tax cut!"

Yes, of course I thought Romney was planning to lie, he's lied constantly throughout his entire campaign. But, I think I was as surprised as President Obama when Romney broke, right out of the gate, with TOTALLY - I mean COMPLETELY different policies than everything he's said up to this point!

In the very first opening statement - Right after Obama objectively explained the differences between his economic plan and Romney's, Romney completely changed EVERYTHING he's ever said! I mean, you have to give Obama credit simply for not responding, "What the F&%$ are you talking about?!"

Ha! A friend just IM'd me, saying what I've just described to you, and he hasn't seen RANT!

I'm telling you, Romney's just one lie after another about what he actually stands for! He's also avoiding using any terms that people already understand, like "Medicare Vouchers" so he literally sounds like he's describing something different than he believes.

If I were Obama, I think I'd be pulling a "Joe Pesci" in the movie, "Casino" by now, that is, stabbing Romney in the neck with a ballpoint pen!

Wow! Regarding Romney's stance to do away with Medicare, he literally just said, "The private market, and personal responsibility is always best!"

Why would ANYONE vote for a guy that will do away with Medicare?  That, alone, ought to cross Romney off the list as well as the rest of the Republicans.

Jim Lehrer, as moderator, is terrible! I mean, the worst! He keeps cutting off Obama, even when he's got time left on the clock, yet he's allowing Romney to go on and on and walk all over him! Romney's been just talking over Lehrer and Lehrer just gives up and let's him go on. Lehrer's taking advantage of Obama's politeness, controlling Obama but not Romney.

This "debate" was terrible. I have NO idea what Romney's about at all at this point. Romney was obviously attempting to confuse and obfuscate, and it worked.

Apparently, that was the Romney camp's plan, just "dazzle 'em with bullsh**!" I'm dazzled alright!

It's over, thank God.

I don't see how anyone would change their minds on either of these guys. MSNBC, as always, kissing Right-Wing ass, has the Republican's representative speaking first on the "how did they do" aftermath of the debate. "Let me bring in Steve Schmitt who's the Senior Republican Strategist from the McCain campaign...".  Let's NOT! Hey, MSNBC, If I wanted to hear extremist right-wing slant I'd be watching FOX right now. You certainly must realize that no right-wingers are watching MSNBC, you got that memo right? Are you in denial or what?

Yes, that annoys me. The "mainstream media" took the bait long ago, I'm referring to the FOX right-wing accusations about "the mainstream media leans Left". So the mainstream media responds by over-compensating to the Right. They do this constantly, and it's ridiculous. The mainstream media needs to stop watching FOX, or at the very least, stop taking their cues from FOX.

Ah...the news analysts are agreeing with RANT, "Romney lied constantly, we have the video tape!"

By the way, you've probably heard that the requirement for voters to show ID in PA was stuck down by the court. Voters will NOT have to show ID in order to vote, yet the republicans are still airing ads that say voters WILL have to show ID in order to vote! I don't understand why outright lying in republican ads is tolerated or even allowed by law, it's ridiculous. What country is this?

RANT will throw some video in this space in a few minutes. Maybe :)

Keith Olbermann
Spanks Michael Bloomberg

– by David A., Esq.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, KEITH OLBERMANN spoke up, expressing the views of us, and most other citizens of New York the United States.

What *IS* it with Michael Bloomberg anyway? BloombergHe's the 12th richest multi-billionaire in the world yet he still has to eff with people? Seriously Mike, I don't get it. Why can't you super-rich people leave the rest of us alone? Do you really think that the one thing preventing you from being content is that you have to make others suffer? Why do the super-rich insist on screwing with people? Michael, why are you even in our business? Go do something with yourself! Jesus.

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Yay! A Flat Tax!
Stupid Republican Tax Tricks

– by David A., Esq.

The reason the wealthy keep pushing for a flat tax is because the middle class will pay much more, while the wealthy would pay much less.

See, what they don't tell you, is that a flat tax applies only to Wage payroll incomes. The wealthy don't earn their incomes via wages or payroll. Their tax rate is based on interest income, dividends, and investment profits, which is entirely different than middle class wage earners.

Want more reasons why you should hate republicans for trying to screw us and a flat tax is a bad idea?

Why would you need more reasons?

Not only does a flat tax shift all of the burden onto the middle class, remember, this is only the Federal income tax.

You still have to pay State income tax, but you'll have to pay a lot more, because the revenue to maintain the country isn't coming from the rich anymore. That means more fiscal responsibility is shifted to the states.

There are many more reasons a flat tax is a bad idea for the middle class, but the litmus test is really very simple; If the Republicans are for it, you can be guaranteed it's a bad deal for you.

It is indisputable that today's Republican Party is nothing like it was. Every single policy of today's Republican Party is about serving the wealthy class at the expense of me, the middle class.

The BIG SECRET of the Republican Party

Republican politicians think their supporters, and voters in general, are just stupid.

This fact permeates the Republican party in it's lawmakers, representatives, and candidates.

The Protests Are Working

– by David A., Esq.
- First Ver.: 10.18.2011 Updated: 10.27.2011 - 12:04am EST.

We know, for a fact, that the Occupy Wall Street protests are actually starting to work because “FOX NEWS”** is lying about them.

**For our readers outside of the United States; Once, quite accurately, described by Keith Olbermann as “...the political whorehouse that is FOX NEWS”. “FOX NEWS” is the trademarked name used by one of the largest television broadcasting and print enterprises responsible for the distribution and proliferation of greed-motivated propaganda to middle class Americans for the benefit of a small, but very wealthy group of Americans comprised of multi-millionaires and billionaires.

We Don't Need No Regerlashuns

– by David A., Esq.

THEY TELL ME IF I LABEL YOU IDIOTS, you'll stop reading.  But, the idiots aren't reading this anyway, that's the whole problem.

That “Government” Thing?  Is US! 

And if you think Corporate America is going to protect you, you're one of the idiots. If you think you don't need no protectin', you're another one of the idiots.

Did you stop reading yet?

The spin machine has gotten a hold of the “Government” word recently and is successfully changing the meaning.

Just like the word Gay was changed from meaning “festive”, to it's current definition of “men getting screwed by other men”, the words, “Government Regulations" are now on the list, consequently, also to mean men getting screwed by other men.

First of all, we don't need, yet another term for homosexual men.

Secondly, there are constant examples paraded daily in our faces trumpeting the great and necessary works of our government and regulations. Yet, as any Republican will tell you,  (whether you want them to or not, because, like gays, they insist that everyone know)  government regulations are not needed in America where we have a free market.

Because, see, the free market, just like the stock market demonstrated, can regulate itself.

The grossly oversimplified picture painted by congressional Republicans, where free market selection just naturally filters out all of the bad companies, is not only false, it is — idiotic.

Amazingly, the same people that don't believe in evolution, believe in THIS Natural Selection.

The Republican propaganda that the best-made products naturally flow to the top and are successful because lessor quality is displaced via free-selection is the capitalist Disneyland bull-droppings that we were all taught in school and told to believe, and we did, and it's a lie!

This Republican lie is exactly why China is so successful in the American marketplace.

Government and regulations are the only thing stopping the Greedy from destroying America.

Think that's an overstatement?

I wish it were.

Republicans want less government because government regulation is the only thing keeping lead out of the toothpaste here.

Republicans in congress would like us to become more like China.

Think about less government regulation next time you see a drug advertised on TV where the majority of the commercial is warning of the negative side effects.

We get a lot of mail at RANT from the everyday idiotic Republicans, those are the non-rich, middle class one's that vote against their own self interests. They label us, “Liberals” because they don't know what a Liberal is, because they're using the new Gay definitions, like “Government Regulation”.

In a 1961 lecture, Aldous Huxley described a police state as “The Final Revolution”:  A “dictatorship without tears [where people] love their servitude.” The goal is to produce “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away... but...will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing ... enhanced by pharmacological methods.”

Zoloft anyone?

The Rich-Get-Richer policies of the Republican Party
      do not reflect the best interests of the Middle class.

– David A., Esq., RANT.com

Finally, someone uses the actual "LIE" word when referring to a Republican lie!

Welcome to RANT Magazine® Fine, stalk us on Twitter @Rant_Dot_Com

What is really — honestly — behind the actions of a company or a politician, their motivations, and -
what are the consequences of their actions?  At RANT®, we take pride in providing our readership,
a seldom found, Logical evaluation and breakdown of what’s *really* going on.

We refer to our unique analysis as Beyond The Peripheral Vision

News and analysis not tainted by sponsors nor influenced by political-correctness.
And we’re not afraid to share our conclusions.

As an example, we don't believe in energy conservation. Why? Because it's not a solution. Conservation is nothing more than a Band-Aid. The correct answer isn't conservation of energy, but rather to fix it so the production of energy isn't expensive or harmful to mankind's existence. Current energy producers support conservation only because they don't want to spend any of their profits on upgrading their power plants.
RANT® challenges such conventional wisdom's as this.
See how we roll now?

Our motivation is straightforward; we are - just like you - Upper-Middle-Class Americans.
RANT's political views are in our best interests - which also happen to be yours!
Here's your voice - Listen up! :)

Last update just minutes ago: Tue Oct 13th 2015, 11:12 pm  - Breaking News Impacting YOU

RANT®            www.RANT.com

RANT Magazine

Fellow Americans,
(especially those in the retard states);

Is it really so hard to simply distinguish
Good from Evil?

Do you honestly believe that Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, or Ann Coulter...are Nice people with your
Middle-Class interests at heart?

Don't classify them as Republicans or Conservatives,
it's not about that.

Ronald Reagan was certainly a nice guy.

But these people - Rush, Dick, and Ann...do they appear Unselfish? Friendly? Good Neighbors?

Isn't it obvious by their attitudes, their arrogance and hostility, their outward characteristics; that they're easily definable as -
just complete assholes?

You know what I'm talking about?
It's like a flashing neon sign, right?

I think it's a fair statement, to even go so far as to point out, that if you DON'T see these people as assholes...
you're a terrible judge of character. Perhaps even,
a complete idiot.

They are SUCH extreme assholes that when they do come out with a viewpoint or opinion similar to my own, I know they're either lying and simply saying the opposite of their real beliefs, or my viewpoint is wrong.

I subscribe to Ann Coulter's newsletter and
I listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio
because I can have faith that whatever they are saying, whom-ever they are blaming...the exact opposite of what they're telling me, is the real truth.

Because they are bad people.

These people are the purest form of insincerity, their viewpoints false, saying what they say, only for money.
They pretend they are sharing their honest opinions for
God and Country.
Their motivation is greed.
These are talented persuaders using their abilities to purposely manipulate innocent, nice people, to act against themselves and their own best-interests.
For money.

This, is what makes them bad people.

One could argue that we're lucky, as a nation, to have these assholes that consistently point us in the opposite direction of our best interests as middle-class citizens.

Often times, I lack the information needed to make a judgment of what might be best for me, as a middle-class member, simply because the news outlets don't properly describe or detail the ramifications of a new bill or a change in the law. But knowing that Rush, Dick, and Ann are so absolutely against my best interests, 100% of the time, allows me to always know where my position should be. And if I ever find myself agreeing with them, I know further research is required on my part because there's something I'm missing or don't fully understand.

It's kind of fun when that happens.

When I agree with Rush, Dick, or Ann and then later have that "Ah-hah" moment when, after some further investigation, learn the rest of the story and how, whatever they were peddling, is bad for me as a middle-class American.

RANT® Magazine
December 2011 Issue
RANT - Est. 1995
In Internet time, we're senior citizens
(without health coverage)

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In a 1961 lecture, Aldous Huxley described a police state as “the final revolution”:
A “dictatorship without tears [where people] love their servitude.” The goal is to produce “a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will, in fact, have their liberties taken away...
but...will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing ... enhanced by pharmacological methods.” Zoloft anyone?
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Breaking News: Jobless numbers released Friday even worse than Thursday's miserable numbers causing tremors in the stock market.

Original claims were revised bringing the total of unemployed in the U.S. to a number so high even the illegal aliens are leaving.

What do Kanye West, Terry Moran, and Joe Wilson have in common?

Obama thinks they're all selfish, self-centered, arrogant, money-grubbing, anti-American, lying, Jack-asses that take advantage of some of the general public's trust and stupidity to make money. And, he's right, even though we can only quote the "Jack-ass" part, but we can read between the lines.

What should be the nation's take-away from this? That Terry Moran, an ABC reporter is a Jack-ass; Not because he reported it, in fact I feel all these things should be reported. But Terry Moran didn't report it to inform the public, he did it to comment on the remark. Apparently not knowing the difference between a news reporter and a "FOX News" reporter, he then wrote "now THAT'S presidential".

To Terry Moran: "Now THAT'S biased reporting".

Most Stupid Human Award goes to Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina: During Obama's address (Wednesday, September 9, 2009), Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina interrupted the President and screamed "You Lie!".

At the President of the United States of America... in the middle of the President's Joint Address to Congress and the Nation, seen by millions of people, in nations all over the world.

Inappropriate? Far past inappropriate. You're a complete and total horses ass Wilson!

Not because it was Obama, I'd be writing this same article if this had been Bush. And I'm not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican, I'm an "Anti-Republican".

Do you even know what an Anti-Republican is? It's most of this nation, whether they know it or not.

Its just this kind of primate moronic behavior that re-enforces why I am such an AVID Anti-Republican and why I find it so hard to believe that my fellow Americans wouldn't feel the same way when they see this nasty, evil, selfish, self-centered, and... let's face it, just immature party of greed-worshiping retards.

Joe Wilson - RetardJoe Wilson, you don't owe the President an apology, you don't owe the American People an apology, you owe us your resignation! And if you really want to make us happy, include it as part of your suicide note.

Such an idiot... I mean SUCH an idiot, I mean, Jesus Christ Almighty you are SUCH A COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOT!

Thanks for embarrassing the ENTIRE United States of America in front of the entire rest of the world, Dumbass! For anyone that wasn't sure of this previously due to the numerous other various actions of the Republidiots, you sealed the deal.

You know its one thing when you only involve your own Republican Party Ship of Fools, but to embarrass the entire country because you're this stupid... I don't know how you got where you are today! Frankly, I don't know how someone as stupid, as you has even managed to feed himself for this long, you can't possibly be able to operate a sandwich.

Wilson, you should hold yourself up to your party as proof that Darwin was wrong, for surely someone as vastly clueless as you, would have never survived if evolution was real.

You know what Wilson? In one way you actually did a service for some of the population of this country. You created an "Idiot Litmus Test". People can actually look at your behavior and determine for sure, in the privacy of their own minds, if they, themselves, are stupid retards as well!

In the wild, your tribe had to have been the one drinking from the toilet.

I hope I've broken this down far enough that even a complete and total, absolute imbecile, such as yourself, can begin to grasp how extremely stupid you are. Get the hell out of office!

Bent over sofaThe Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, whatever you want to call them, JUST SUCK at political strategy. Do you see what's going on here? The Republicans OWN the media, by that I mean, they are fantastic experts at this game. They just got NATIONAL television coverage like they were the president of the United States! The Republicans have the entire country including the Democrats bent over the sofa and we're yelling "Eff us in the ass!" but the Republicans are so incompetent they keep hitting the sofa!

Oh Christ, now I've got Sarah Palin calling on the phone asking what the difference is between Joe Wilson and lipstick... yeah Sarah, I get it, lipstick isn't stupid. Thanks for calling.

We want to hear from you, (unless you're Joe Wilson)
Drop us a quick note

Old News Worth Repeating: First ChoicePoint, then LexisNexis, and now the entire Internal Revenue Service - What do they all have in common? They've all got your personal information splattered into the streets.

The IRS admitted today that their computer system is wide open with password lists "widely available" according to a report issued by the Government Accountability Office. (See more on ChoicePoint and identity theft below.)

Old News Worth Repeating: Sex with your credit card? Unknowingly many Visa and Mastercard card holders in good standing are being sodomized by interest rates of 36.99%. Taking advantage of the weakened consumer protection laws of the last 7 years, many credit card issuers default interest rate is "Prime Rate plus 29.99% for their customers in good standing that keep a balance on their cards. Nice huh? Check your statements and don't drop the soap near a banking institution! What's that? You don't get involved in politics?

Old News Worth Repeating: There's news from the University of Minnesota that 43 men have gone blind from Viagra use which caused a "stroke of the eye". Pfizer spokespeople have issued a statement that this is "just a coincidence". Beavis spokespeople issued a statement that the choice of the word "stroke" while discussing Viagra was no coincidence.

OH and TIVO, the company that sold you on "commercial free TV" now has pop-up ads. Yes. Pop-up ads now on your TV. This is so ironic that RANT didn't even have to remake the Tivo slogan! That's the real one. Apparently Satan wasn't using that slogan anymore and it was up for grabs.

Beyond The  
Peripheral Vision

From the RANT Newsroom
located in New York City

FOX EXPOSED!   News Corp paying for Ground Zero mosque!...
  • Turns out...FOX is major funding for Ground Zero Mosque
  • FOX News Corporation co-owned by same Saudi Prince funding terrorism
  • Morning FOX news anchors appeared unaware of Saudi Prince's connections to FOX, as they exposed Prince's sponsorship of Mosque during morning newscast

September, 2010 - Okay, real quick, FOX News has been critical, and perhaps rightly so, about where the money is coming from for the creation of the "Ground Zero Mosque". According to FOX news, major funding of the mosque is coming from, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

You may remember that he, the Prince, is also a major funder of "The Kingdom Foundation". The Kingdom Foundation funds radical madrassas all over the world as well as the imam. These are also the same guys that gave Rudy Giuliani $10 million after 9/11, that he sent back upon discovering the donor.

FOX News, is owned by two people, Rupert Murdoch, which you probably knew already and his good friend Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is the co-owner and major shareholder of FOX News!

Which I'm guessing you didn't know.

Saudi Prince funds radical Islam & FOX News
A Public Service message brought to America by RANT® Magazine.
Still trust in FOX News?

(We'd also like to credit "The Daily Show" for initially bringing this story to light)

CNN's Rick Sanchez Joins Ranks of Unemployed Hispanics...

October 2010 - Yes, we used the racist Hispanic slant in the headline completely in jest! Get it? Rick Sanchez gets fired for making a racist statement so our lead in is ironically racist...

Well, anyway, "Rick's List", which was Mr. Sanchez's show on CNN weekday afternoons, was terrible and Rick Sanchez was one of the worst political "journalists" on television.

He seemed like a nice guy, but we're glad to see him gone. The fact is, if he would have been doing his job, which is to present the news instead of trying to *be* the news...not to mention that 80% of Rick’s show was simply teasing over and over, “…coming up, on the List you don’t want to be on…” Rick’s List needed some freaking CONTENT for Christ’s sake!

The other problem I had with him was that he was a momon...no wait, a moRon. Like I said, I think he was a nice guy, but even after Jon Stewart pointed out to Rick that football knowledge does not trump real news, the next day on Rick's List he played The Daily Show clip and still didn't understand that he was being made fun of. Rick couldn't remember the day that Obama would be in New York and blamed his memory lapse on the distraction of an upcoming college football game that he was excited about. Jon Stewart played the clip and mock-impersonated Sanchez as a Neanderthal, "Sanchez like football".

The fact is, Rick STILL doesn't get it! When asked if he thought he was fired because he was Hispanic or because of the racial slur he said on the air, he answered "A little bit of both". Rick, believe me, no one blames your inept, childish, down-right boring lack of journalistic abilities on your race. It wasn't as you said, "a little bit of both", actually it was a lot of neither. What you tried to pass off as a news show made me cringe. Frankly, CNN shouldn't have ever given you your own show to begin with. Rick, you were terrible! If anything, the fact that you were Hispanic is probably what got you ON the air!

So does this mean that CNN is going to replace Rick's slot with a real news anchor? No. No it doesn't. CNN's newer producers don't do news shows, they think that's passe'. They're all about "style". The cameramen float around zooming in on video segments playing on the multi-touch-screens behind the anchors sporting fashion-based computer tablets.

It's gotten so bad now that I only watch CNN after I've seen the three news stories MSNBC will spend the rest of the day repeating.

I hear a lot of talk about constant 24 hour "news" channels, but apparently they're not available on the East coast. CNN is constantly busy making single-issue docudramas, MSNBC only broadcasts news on weekdays, and if you don't know by now that FOX is 100% propaganda than you're an imbecile. FOX is the anti-news. Just try to find a news channel on a Saturday afternoon, there aren't any, so stop saying there is 24/7 news!

Election News: Republicans have won the Congress. But, the Senate still has a Democratic majority. What's that mean? It means the Republicans are in total control of absolutely everything again, not that they ever lost it, because they didn't.

Problem is, the only people that realize that the Republicans control everything, are the sissy Democrats in Office and they don't even know how to communicate that message to the public at large. So, no matter what, the Democrats will be blamed for all the bad things the Republicans do the the Middle-class citizens.

It's an interesting paradox; when the President is a Democrat, the Democrats are the majority in Congress and the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, as they had been for the past two years...the Republicans were in control.

Make sense?

Okay, think of it this way...let's say there's a fishtank that holds a total of 100 fish. You're a big Democratic Goldfish, and also in the bowl are 52 additional really large strong Democratic Goldfish. You think to yourself, well, the bowl only holds a total of 100 fish so no matter what, the Goldfish population will be making the rules here for all the fish. But, to your surprise, when the other fish arrive in the bowl...well, there's only 48 of them, but they're Sharks! Something you hadn't counted on or figured into the equation.

So you and the other 52 Democratic Goldfish call a meeting and you stratigize and you come up with a plan to stick together, because as a united group, you'll look to the sharks like one really big fish that the Sharks won't want to mess with.

The next day, as it turns out, the plan works, and the Sharks agree to let you make the rules.

But while you and your fellow Democratic Goldfish are busy high-fin-fiving one another, a Republican Dick comes along and urinates into the bowl and everyone in the bowl dies.

Moral of the story, as in real life, just one Republican Dick is already more powerful than a majority of Democrats, and while the Democrats were busy concentrating their strategies against Sharks, they should have been paying attention to the bowl so it's irrelevant how many Democrats there are, they're still lousy strategists, with tiny Goldfish balls, and simply no match for a Republican Dick. As usual, the Democrats pay attention to the wrong things, and the Republicans never flush.


Under-Reported News: Here's a job statistic we thought went way under-reported: The job numbers for 2010, January through August are in. Job creation was in positive territory for all of the 8 months included in the independent report. The Republicans were quick to point out that it wasn't by much. The Democrats retort was, "True, but at least now we're headed in the right direction." Or another way to say this, More private-sector jobs were created in the first 8 months of the Obama administration than in the entire 8 years of the Bush administration, Combined! We're just sayin'

Unemployment News: 6.2% of every single one of your paychecks is taken out to pay for your Unemployment Insurance. Your money. Another 6.2% is paid by your employer on your behalf. Unemployment payments are not Welfare, Unemployment benefits are only paid to those people that have paid the premium for the insurance, which is most of us because it's taken right out of our paychecks in addition to federal and state taxes.

For some reason, the American people are standing for Republicans blocking these payments to people that have paid into the system and are now out of work.

This is absurd!

If you make $90,000 a year, $11,600 is paid by you in that year, so that if you should lose your job at some point, you will still have some income. It's not much, about $400 a week in the above scenaro, but that's not the point. Congressional Republicans are literally blocking unemployment benefits yet these same Republicans think the United States government should contribute money to help clean up BP's oil spill.

Getting back on topic though, what the hell is going on that Unemployment benefits can be blocked? Why the hell are you and I paying eleven thousand dollars a year in insurance premiums? This is ridiculous, yet the news isn't presenting the issue in this way. The major news outlets are describing this situation like these are welfare payments made to people that don't work. Republicans have literally claimed that cutting off unemployment benefits will encourage those that are out of work to settle for lesser-paying jobs!

I can't believe what goes on in this country!

Why are citizens not up in arms over this? How can one be charged for unemployment insurance and then denied benefits?!

I don't know how there are ANY Republicans in office today. Who in the world is voting for this organized group of corporate ass-kissers?

Yes, I know who, it's YOU isn't it?

Because the Democrats are on the wrong side of the gay and abortion issues, short-sighted single-issue citizens are sacrificing what's in their best interests.

Listen up people, you're sacrificing way too much in your fight against the gays and what's more, you've already lost. The annoying gays won that fight worldwide already. It's done. I know, you're stubborn, that's your nature, but the gays were even more stubborn. Game over.

The abortion issue? Let's be honest, the most you can possibly win is to make it harder for the poverty-class poor to get abortions and you don't WANT any more of them anyway. The middle and upper income earners will still be able to get an abortion, even if they have to make a quick trip across the border to Canada or Europe.

Old News Worth Repeating: June 18, 2010 - I apologize to BP. I'm ashamed, and I think it's a tragity of the first proportion, when a company the size of BP, a private corporation, is subject to a shake-down by the Whitehouse over what was an honest accident. BP should not have to be victim to some sort of political pressure by this country and so I apologize to BP.
- Republican Congressman Joe Barton, ranking member of the government's Energy & Commerce committee in charge of the investigation into the BP oil spill apologizing to BP for the actions of the Whitehouse demanding that money be put aside for the cleanup of the Gulf.


John Boehner, the House Republican Leader, then took Joe Barton aside and privately explained to him that his statement exposed the Republicans as scum bags "obvious even to Joe the NASCAR". He then apologized for apologizing adding, "and I retract my earlier apology if anyone took it the wrong way". No Joe, we didn't take it the wrong way.

Republicans today also blocked the bill that would have removed the 75 million dollar cap of maximum liability created by the Bush administration. Even BP knew how ridiculous that cap was and has created a 20 billion (with a "B") dollar escrow fund, demanded by Obama, in order to begin paying for claims. Republicans then cried that this was "unfair to BP and a redistribution of wealth". Yes, really, no joke. It should be, it's the kind of joke we make here, but no, it really happened. Barbara Bachman said it, and the rest of the Republicans cheered her.

Old News Worth Repeating: Feb. 2010 - Virginia Republicans ran an ad mocking global warming science based on their record snowstorm last weekend. Yes, this is what Republicans in Virginia are holding up as evidence that global warming is false.

I'm confused again, are they the party of assholes or the party of stupid? I wish they'd just pick one category and stick with it.

Besides, you're not supposed to have both, it's not right.

If you're going to be arrogant you're supposed to know what you're talking about. And if you're a retard you're supposed to be nice like Forrest Gump or that big guy in The Green Mile.

But Smug AND Stupid? Not cool.

Smug and Stupid equals Obnoxious.  Republicans - you've ALREADY GOT OBNOXIOUS NAILED!

It's nearly impossible to cover both the venues of Obnoxious and Stupid simultaneously.

I'll break it down to demonstrate: A winter snowstorm - in winter - doesn't reflect a lack of global warming. In fact a single storm doesn't indicate anything at all except maybe a lack of cognitive ability. But if you want to argue that it's not just a single snow storm, and you want to argue that it's a lot of weather changes, a lot of winter storms with greater amounts of snow - then that's precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, warning, and anticipating as an indicator that global warming is real. Which is the opposite of the point you Republican Retards are making.

Old News Worth Repeating: At what point can we have a serious conversation about Medicare, or a serious conversation about Social Security, or a serious conversation about Budget & Debt in which we're not simply trying to position ourselves politically?    -Barack Obama completely letting the Washington Establishment cat out of the bag! Addressing Congressional Republicans during their GOP Caucus just a few days ago, January 29, 2010.

If you were a Republican in the room, you threw up a little in your mouth when he called you guys out on this. And now you're freaking out just a little that I know that.

If you're a citizen of...this planet...you should watch this. It's President Obama exposing the Republican party for the group of liars and hypocrites that they are. And it was live on Television, no scripting. The thing is, he wasn't trying to do that! In Obama's mind, he still hasn't grasped that the Republicans plan is to gain power at any expense at all, and that they don't care about what's good for America, at all. Not even a little. They only care about what's good for the wealthiest of Americans. The top 5%. You and I, by the way, making 100k-250k, are not the top 5%.

Its one of the things I like and also used to scare me about Obama. Obama is honestly a Good Guy.

The Republican political strategists spotted this almost right away and tried to take advantage of it. Remember how, in the very beginning of this administration, in March of last year, the Republicans kept publicly trying to paint Obama as Jimmy Carter?

That was why. The Republicans knew that Obama wasn't a politician, he was an outsider. And worse, he wasn't corrupt.

But the problem for the Republicans is that Obama isn't "Jimmy Carter" he's "Mr.Smith Goes To Washington"!

My President, Barack Obama, made me PROUD (again). My President went on live TV, just him, alone, against 140 members of the Republican Congress at their two-day retreat in Baltimore, and called them out for all the bullshit propaganda they've been passing out to the American people as truth.

Obama met in a room with 140 of the GOP and talked them down one by one. They, under the pretense of a question, would "ask" the President "The Republicans have proposed this or that to solve this and that" and the President would literally have read the very bill or item they were speaking about and explain in no uncertain terms how the ideas brought forth by the Republicans were half-assed and undoable and why! In one case, one of the Republican budget "solutions" didn't even include any numbers, but they handed out bound copies for the cameras making it appear as if they had worked out a real plan. Instead of making them into deceitful fools, Obama said simply, "The Plan you provide needs to stand up to the scrutiny of the economists as a real and feasible plan".

I can't possibly do this thing justice, watch it here.

Old News Worth Repeating: The State of the Union Address - President Obama gave one hell of a great talk to America - and to the Senators and to the Congress in this State of the Union Address. One of his great points was aimed squarely at our elected lawmakers, "What frustrates the American People is a Washington where every day is election day. We can't wage a perpetual campaign, where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other side! A belief - that if - you lose, I win. Neither Party should delay or obstruct every single bill, just because they can."

Right-on man!

FOX wasted no time trashing the message and distorting what was said. FOX claimed Obama "spewed the same old rhetoric" which couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only was it not the "same old", it was so completely new and unique it will certainly go down in history as such.

If you didn't see it, you'll find it worth your while to read a transcript or watch the video because it really was different than any State of the Union Address I've ever heard or read about in school.

In this time of constant bickering and irresponsible selfishness from our politicians who concentrate on pleasing lobbyists above any responsibilities they have to the People, "We were sent here to serve the citizens, not our ambitions." Obama is a breath of fresh air.

If you watched that State of the Union Address and you're still anti-Obama, just click-off this site, really.

I'll leave it to MSNBC or CNN to reiterate what he said. Instead I'll just say that I hope the Republicans don't blow off his message of unity and his points about working for the People of America and not just for your next election.

If you've been following RANT, for any time at all, than you've undoubtedly figured out our, (meaning yours and mine because you have to agree with me when I lay out the facts and truth for you) issues with the Democrats and the Republicans and the Americans. The Americans can be broken down into two distinct categories:

1. Those that believe what they hear, and;
2. Those that go the extra analytical step to see if what they hear from the politicians matches the politician's actual beliefs and actions.

The reason I bring this up is because, oddly, group #1 votes a lot more often than group #2, even though group #2 is the more knowledgeable group.

Take, for instance, the out-spoken position of the Republican party on Abortion. The Republican party says that it is against the use of public funds to pay for abortions, in fact that's their current stalling tactic talking point against the new health care bill, yet the Republican party has provided and supported abortions funded with public money since 1991. You see, for the past 18 years the RNC's own insurance policy, the one it provides all of its employees, specifically covers abortions.

The only reason anyone knows of this is because Politico publicized it, and the only reason this policy is going to be changed is because the Republicans were called out on it and it clearly depicts them as hypocritical assholes shows them to be contradicting what they speak.

One thing about the whale-squeezing Democrats, most of the time, they at least honestly believe-in what they're preaching about.

You have to give the Democrats that win over the Republicans. That's one of the things the Democrats don't fight well is the organized Republican Lie Machine Talking Points. Not only do the Republicans lie, but they do it with an extreme amount of Attitude! I THINK that's done on purpose to give the impression of Righteousness.

What do you think?
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There's something extremely different about President Obama. I wasn't able to put my finger on it for the longest time, but then, last night as I was falling asleep it dawned on me.

I think it was because I was admiring how he called FOX "news" channel out for not being a news channel. And by the way, you other news channels that stuck up for FOX? That was pretty stupid. That FOX is allowed to refer to itself as a news outlet tarnishes all of you that actually do produce news.

Frankly, I think it was a no-brainer for this administration to treat FOX with the respect it deserves - which is none. Mr. Obama and the White House are right to ignore Fox, the real news channels should do the same.

Reasonable people could simply look at the company FOX keeps, or the scumbags commentators on their payroll, and be able to tell that this group of hypocrites are the most unethical, criminal-minded, greed-driven, bottom-feeders of our nation, many of which should be in Federal prison not serving the public's best interests.

But I digress. And I still haven't told you what's so extremely different about Mr. Obama, and that's my entire reason for writing this piece.

The other thing I didn't finish my thought about was the White House classifying Fox as "talk radio with pictures" and then Fox pretending to be insulted when they know damn-well it's the absolute truth.

Oh, I'm sure their anger was real. There they were, spending a lot of energy and money to successfully con some segment of the public into believing that they were a news channel simply by naming themselves a news channel.

Then somebody with a lot of influence comes along and doesn't play along at all!

Goes and says right out-loud that the emperor, Fox, isn't wearing any clothes.

And why not? It's not like the White House had anything to lose. It's not like Fox was going to lie or degrade this administration any more than they had already planned!

Fox isn't a news channel, its a channel that mixes news into it's content in order to lend credibility to what is nothing more than propaganda programming aimed at keeping the wealthiest people in power and wealth.

It's so obvious for most of us that we disregard an important fact - that there are people out there that actually believe much of what Fox presents to them as "true but slightly bias".

Even though they see out-right criminals (cough-felonOllieNorth-cough) portrayed as heros and some really evil people on the Fox payroll, they don't let this influence their opinions about what they're hearing. These are every-day working people that are making less than $200,000 a year - believing, hook, line, and sinker, that Karl Rove, is not a total dick has the same ideals and values as themselves.

This audience doesn't see Glenn Beck, Hannity or O'Reilly as manipulative scum-bags conning them because they're being well-paid to do so. This audience is unassuming and naive and only requires a little bit of truth in a discussion to qualify it all as the truth.

And that's what Fox provides it's audience. A little bit of news, a little bit of truth, and a little bit of those same opinions about gays, Hispanics, and other causes that annoy the average every-day American. Just enough to appear under the surface. Just enough for credibility. But enough credibility and relating to their audience that when they preach less credible ideas, like Fox and the Republicans are what's good for the middle-class, their audience actually believes them.

Hey, we at Rant are annoyed by gays too, but it doesn't make FOX rank any higher in credibility.

But you know what's unique about Barack Obama?

You know what I realized about Barack Obama that we, as a nation, haven't seen in decades?

Frankly, I haven't seen it in so long in a public office, I even forgot it ever existed there.

Barack Obama is an ADULT!

THAT is what stands out about this man! We actually have an adult in public office!

What do you think?
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Democrats, either "Go It 100% Alone" or find other jobs!

There you go, was that clear enough for you bunch of Pansies? You are not allowed to talk to the Republicans anymore! Do you understand? Not even to fetch them a Starbucks.

Democrats, the Republicans had their way with this country for over 10 years straight. Do you ever remember the Republicans being concerned about your interests? At ALL? Well put down your crack pipe, because they didn't. They invited the banks and other large corporate interests to come in and wipe out decades of regulations put in place to keep the country stable and to prevent the greedy from completely running amuck.

And for at least the last 8 years the Republicans have been just STRIP-MINING this country because now that manufacturing can be done in other countries, there is no need for the USA to exist as far as they're concerned. So the Republican parasite is now devouring the host.

The Republicans deregulated everything and then set out to send it all out of here. And they've done a hell of a job! America barely manufactures anything at all anymore, and what jobs the Republicans couldn't ship overseas, they expanded H1B Visa programs by the hundreds of thousands so the Indians and Chinese could come here and take what American jobs were left. (I'm not making a racist statement here, there is no hate of Chinese or Indians inferred or involved. Of course they're going to come here and take our jobs if we open the floodgates. Problem is, then they send the money home to India, and they themselves are replaced every 1-3 years when their visa expires.)

The Republicans think Americans are too stupid to get this, and some Americans are. And then there's a ton of them that are simply politically lazy and don't speak up. Combine that with the loud-mouth fringe that are, indeed, so stupid that they protest and picket against their own self-interests because they don't have the critical thinking abilities to comprehend that FOX news is a propaganda machine. Why? Because the Church needs followers, so the culture doesn't teach critical thinking skills since reasoning and religion are polar opposites. But I digress...

Kent Conrad, Democratic Pansy (his official title), just said on "Hardball" - "...its important to have Republican support...". No, Mr. Conrad, how many different ways do the voters have to tell you this?

Have you ever heard a Republican say, "It's important to have Democratic support"? Ever? Once? Maybe in a dream? Well if you did, it was followed by silence and then screams of laughter and someone saying, "Just kidding!".

Not only is it NOT important to have Republican support, its not even desired. Is that clear and concise enough for you Kent Conrad? WE DON'T WANT, WE DON'T NEED, REPUBLICAN SUPPORT! The more the Republicans get involved, the more watered down our bill will be, and I know you MUST know that as well. Secondly, Mr. Conrad, if we wanted a Republican Bill than we would have put Republicans in office and then "assumed the position".

I, and the rest of the American People, have no idea why you're so insistent on kissing Republican ass, and frankly we don't care anymore! You can bend over and service your Republican masters later - when you're out of office, on your own time!

Stop Watering-Down our Freaking Health-Care Bill!

Pass the full, complete, health-care bill INCLUDING the Public Option. Use Reconciliation if you want, we don't care.

The Republicans used Reconciliation ALL THE TIME. The Republicans used Reconcillation when Exxon / Mobil wanted to drill on public-owned protected land for cheap oil.

Remember the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge controversy? Reconcilliation showed the Democrats who was in charge.

The Republicans utilized Reconcilliation for freaking TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH! TWICE! (Once in 2001 and again in 2003).

In 2005 the Republicans utilized Reconcilliation to enact huge cuts in Medicare and student loans!

In 2006 the Republicans utilized Reconcilliation to extend tax cuts to include the tax on capital gains. They even used it to order Chinese food over pizza one night, just to rub it in the Democrats face.

There's your justification, (you bunch of spineless wimps).

Guess what... Rocket Science - We didn't put Democrats in office so they could cater to the Right, and you're really starting to piss us off by not doing your jobs!


The Republicans have extras, take some of theirs!

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Editor's Note: Anthony Weiner, Charles Schumer, Alan Grayson, please disregard, you're doing a fine job and we recognize it!

Here's something interesting...Did you know that there are 4 Insurance Company lobbyists for every 1 person in Congress in Washington, right now?

I knew the Insurance Companies were the ones behind the anti-Obama healthcare movement, Middle-America certainly isn't going to be against their own self-interests. But, even we were surprised at that ratio. (Source, CNN 9/18/09, and yes, we believe CNN.)

Jon Stewart, Monday October 12th, addressed a major pet-peeve I've had for a long time and even written about here on Rant. CNN does a terrible job of actually providing enough information for anyone to come to logical conclusions about politicians claims made by those interviewed on their news shows.

They constantly only stir up debate and controversy, without asking the follow-up questions required to actually fact-check these claims or nail down their guests to a solid statement or opinion.

To use the excuse of "we're out of time" and then move on to stupid "non-news" stories, (and come on CNN, you know what I'm talking about here when I refer to stupid non-news stories), is inexcusable! Get with it CNN! We've already stopped watching, but we'll be checking back (admittedly, not any time soon).


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